Check-out time is 10:00 am. Please help us by ensuring these housekeeping tasks are completed prior to checkout:

  • Turn OFF all lights and fans, lock sliding glass doors and front door.
  • Take out all trash. Dumpsters and recycling bins are on both sides of the parking lot.
  • All dishes must be cleaned and put away or loaded into the dishwasher and started upon departure.
  • Please place all used towels together in the shower/bathtub of bathrooms.
  • The housekeepers will strip the beds. All towels and linens are sent off property to be cleaned, so please do not start washing them.
  • All beach gear must be left clean and organized in original condition prior to check-in. There are showers next to our pool to rinse these off.
  • Do not track sand into the unit. Again, please use the showers by the pool before entering units.
  • If you do not follow check-out procedures, and/or unit is left excessively dirty, there will be a $100.00 excessive cleaning fee.
  • Upon check-out, please double check AC is turned off.