Aloha and Welcome to Leialoha Kai! The check-in time is 3:00 pm. The front door is equipped with a digital lock, and the entrance code will be shared with you by your host prior to your arrival. Please use the Ring doorbell if you have any issues with your code or lock.


When you check-in and load your groceries, it can take up to 24 Hours for the refrigerator to completely recover. Since refrigerators aren’t meant to be completely emptied out, and then completely filled with groceries, please be patient as your refrigerator recovers. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE REFRIGERATORS DIALS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! By turning up the refrigerator dials higher it will actually cause the refrigerator to get warmer by over working it and sending more cold air to the freezer instead. One way to avoid over-stuffing the refrigerator is utilizing the cooler that we provide you, Please feel free to collect ice for your refreshments at the pool cabana as well.

Garbage Disposals

One thing that we’ve noticed with many of our guest is they might be used to high-powered garbage disposals in their home (garburator’s for our Canadian guests). Our Units have very low powered garbage disposals, which are merely for grinding up any of the food that ends up going down the drain when washing your dishes. Please do not put any types of peels down the garbage disposals (potato peels, fruit peels, etc.) and please do not empty un-eaten food down the garbage disposal. By throwing these products in the trash you will avoid clogging the garbage disposal. Thank you for your assistance!

Beach Gear

The unit is equipped with beach chairs, boogie boards and a cooler. Please treat these items like they were your own so that every guest is able to enjoy quality beach items during their stay. If you decide to use these items during your trip, you will be responsible for them.

Most beaches provide public showers, and our property has showers down at the pool area, please use them to rinse off all beach gear before returning to your Unit. No sandy items should be brought back into the Unit. Large amounts of sand in shower/tub drains is very detrimental and results in a plumber needing to be called, so please help us out by rinsing off before coming back into the Unit.

Housekeeping checks these items upon check-out, if any item is missing or returned damaged significantly, you will be charged to replace it. If the items are left sandy upon your departure, there will be a $75 clean-up charge. Thank you for your cooperation in making sure every guest is able to enjoy as well.

We look forward to having you stay with us!